Three Years Later, Missing Baby Lisa's Parents Cling To Hope

Three years after the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin, her parents are still not giving up hope in trying to find their missing daughter. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's filled full of toys and clothes, but one child's bedroom is missing the most vital element. It is the room from which ten-month-old Lisa Irwin vanished in the middle of the night, three years ago.

Her parents told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent they continue to buy gifts and clothes for Lisa praying of the day they are all reunited.

Her mother, Deborah Bradley, said, “It makes me feel better because I can still smell her stuff, and it still feels like her room.”

Lisa would now be four years old. A recent age progression image shows of what she might look like now.

Deborah told Trent police have just appointed a new lead investigator and that the trail is far from cold.

Deborah said, “They're following up a minimum two tips a week, two leads. Which I think is really good after three years.”

Trent asked, “What do you think happened to Lisa?”

“I feel like she was taken to be sold. I don't think, not so much human trafficking, as adopted,” she replied.

Lisa's baffling disappearance gripped the nation in 2011.

Her father, Jeremy Irwin, told police he returned from a night shift to their home in Kansas City, Missouri, to find his daughter's crib empty and a window open.

Deborah admitted she had been drinking that night. Surveillance video showed she had been buying wine at a liquor store.

At one point, suspicion fell on the parents themselves, triggered partly by police claims that they were not cooperating with the investigation.

Trent asked her parents, “Did either one of you have anything to do with Lisa’s disappearance?”

Deborah replied, “Absolutely not.”

Newly discovered video shows Deborah and Jeremy being questioned right after their daughter disappeared. The video aired on Fox News.
The questioning was conducted by former CIA officer Phil Houston, sometimes known as “The Human Lie Detector" for his skill at spotting untruths.

Houston asked Deborah in the video, "What involvement did you have in the disappearance of Lisa?"

She replied, "None. The only thing I did wrong was drink that night."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Houston, “I am assuming that after five hours of interviews with your expertise, you would have found something one way or another to tell you there was some involvement?"

He replied, "Our opinion was, when we walked away after spending that amount of time, that they are not involved."

Lisa Irwin's parents say they are certain she will still open all those presents in her room.

Deborah said, “She will come home.”