'Spoiled Brat' Son Accused Of Killing Hedge Fund Dad Over Allowance Cut

Thirty-year-old Tommy Gilbert Jr. is being charged with the murder of his wealthy hedge fund father, allegedly over cutting his allowance. INSIDE EDITION reports.

This guy may look like a J. Crew model, but he's accused of an unspeakable crime—murdering his own father because his allowance was getting cut.

Thirty-year-old Tommy Gilbert Jr. had a charmed life, attending elite private schools and graduating Princeton University. He was a fixture at black-tie society events, but friends say he was really a spoiled brat who never worked a day in his life.

His dad, millionaire hedge fund honcho Thomas Gilbert Sr., was paying for his apartment in Manhattan.

Gilbert's father was paying his son's $2,000 monthly rent and giving him a monthly allowance believed to be $600 for spending money. He threatened to reduce it to $400 a month, and that's when cops say Junior decided it was time to kill his own father.

Cops say he went to his parents posh apartment building not far from the U.N. building in Manhattan and shot his father in the head, then left the gun in his father's hand to make it look like a suicide.

His distraught mom called 911 when she found the body.

Police dispatch reported: "Male shot in the family. Male shot in the family. It came through 911. It was said the husband was shot by her son."

Gilbert, described by a former classmate as "highly disturbed," has an arrest record for drug possession.

Even his police mugshot looks right out of a model's portfolio.

According to reports, he's also suspected of burning down a mansion in The Hamptons, owned by the family of a young man he was feuding with over a love interest. The spectacular 19th century home was destroyed. Police suspect it was arson. Tommy Gilbert was never charged.

Now, he stands accused of something far more heinous—the cold blooded murder of his own father.