The Man Behind The Mask. Strangest Addiction Ever.

A strange subculture called "masking", where men transform themselves into shapely female dolls, is being covered on TLC's My Strange Addiction. INSIDE EDITION speaks with a masker who calls himself, Sherry.

Believe it or not, behind this mask is a 70-year-old man.

He calls himself Robert. He won't reveal his real name.

But we can tell you that he's divorced and has two grown daughters. He lives in Newport Beach, California, and works in property management.

Robert told INSIDE EDITION, “I was just a regular guy and then suddenly, over 50, I think my hormones changed and I tried on women's clothes."

His alter ego is a blond bombshell named Sherry. The only glimpse we get of the man behind the mask is when Robert shows the process of transforming himself into a human doll on a new episode of TLC’s hit show,  My Strange Addiction, airing Wednesday night.

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The rubber bodysuit covers his body head to toe. It gives him the body of a woman with a va va voom figure.

He has 50 masks, each with a slightly different expression to give him that freaky doll like face.

We just had to ask. Isn't it all very strange?

Robert said, "How many things can you do that are still exciting? I get a kick out of it. For some reason, I have no idea why, this is very exciting for me."

He says he keeps his secret life hidden from everyone, although he has told his daughters. It's a bizarre subculture of men known as "maskers" and they're profiled on the TLC show.

We asked psychiatrist. "Dr Gail Saltz about maskers.

Saltz said, "If you have that degree of unhappiness with your identity to spend a lot of your time being someone or something else, you know, that bespeaks, some disturbance, some problem."

Robert says he's not gay. In fact, he'd love to date a woman. Just one condition. she has to accept his alter ego Sherry.

Robert said, "If I met a woman that was accepting and understanding then I would love to have her join me."