Defending Free Speech, Will Tina Fey Wield It On Golden Globes?

INSIDE EDITION looks into the possibility of the Golden Globes paying tribute to victims of the Paris shooting after Tina Fey opened up about free speech in comedy.

Will Sunday’s Golden globes ceremony pay tribute to the victims of the Paris terror outrage?

That’s the question swirling after Tina Fey, who will once again co-host the event with Amy Poehler, called the slaughter "Terrible and tragic and upsetting."

Tina told reporters, "It makes you think about how important free speech is and how it absolutely must be defended,"

She drew a comparison with the uproar over the movie The Interview which was shelved after threats by North Korea, but later released after a storm of protest.

"We’re Americans," Fey said, "And even if it's dumb jokes in The Interview, we have the right to make them."

As the Golden Globe red carpet was rolled out Thursday, INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano spoke to Barry Adelman, executive producer of the event and Allen Shapiro, CEO of Dick Clark productions.

Recano asked, "Do you guys plan to do any sort of special moment in light of the events that happened in Paris?"

Barry said, "You know, as we've done this show in the past, those things kind of happen naturally and we kind of let them happen."

Allen told Recano, "If someone has something to say in an acceptance speech or in presenter mode, have at it."

The attack in Paris is putting the spotlight on satirical shows and books that poke fun at sensitive matters, like religion.

In New York City, the hit musical The Book of Mormon continues playing to sold-out audiences every night on Broadway, proving that in America, at least, we have little to fear from a few silly jokes.

Even America’s most prominent Mormon, Mitt Romney, has said that he wanted to see the show that spoofs his own religion.

One New York Post columnist writes today, "Not one Mormon would even dream of inflicting harm" on the creators of The Book of Mormon.

Free speech versus radical Islam is now a huge subject on the airwaves.

Fox New's Megyn Kelly said, "The cry of liberty and freedom has not been silenced by these terrorist thugs."