Lindsay Lohan Heads to Jail

INSIDE EDITION was on the scene as Lindsay Lohan surrendered to authorities today to begin her 90 day jail sentence. 

Lindsay Lohan locked up!  The troubled actress is now behind bars to begin her 90-day jail sentence.

Lindsay arrived eight minutes late to surrender as helicopters tracked every move of her black SUV. 

It was a media moshpit as hoards of camera crews from around the world waited for Lindsay to show up.

Lindsay wore a black jacket and jeans and hurried inside.  A spectator in the crowd threw a handful of glittery gold confetti as the starlet entered the Beverly Hills Courthouse. 

She looked exhausted and nervous in court but there were no tears this time.  She remained completely stoic.  At one point she even eeked out a thin smile but friends say she was a nervous, fidgety mess about going to jail.

"I don't think there's any question we saw a different Lindsay Lohan today so I don't know that she was happy to be going to jail but she was certainly resigned to the fact that she was going to jail.  And she left without much in terms of emotion," Trent Copeland, an L.A. Defense Attorney said.

The judge ordered all cameras turned off so there would be no image of Lindsay being handcuffed and hauled off to jail.  INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret was inside the courtroom when Lindsay quietly stood up, and showing no emotion, stood up and was handcuffed by Sheriff's deputies.

Before she left the courtroom, her sister, Ali, broke down in tears and her estranged father, Michael, said out loud, "We love you, Lindsay."

And typical Lindsay, there was behind the scenes drama until the very end.  Lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly was back as at Lindsay's side after famed defense attorney, Robert Shapiro, suddenly resigned just hours before she surrendered.   

"Mr. Shapiro acted I believe as a consultant but was not attorney of record on the case at any time," Chapman Holly told the judge.

Shapiro was reportedly frustrated by Lindsay's behavior at his rehab facility where she was staying last week because she wanted "rules bent and broken to suit her lifestyle."  

An unmarked grey sedan with black tinted windows drove Lindsay to the jail, the Lynwood Detention Center.

"Lindsay Lohan was booked into our facility to begin her sentence.  She has been extremely cooperative and everything is running smoothly.  As with any inmate, Miss Lohan was treated like any other.  Inside, it's business as usual," a representative for the jail said.

After being strip searched, she was put in a private 12 by 8 cell isolated from the other inmates for her safety.