The Day The World Stood Still As Three Terrorists Are Taken Down In France

The wild scene played out on TV around the world as terrorists in Paris were taken down by police in two locations. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The nightmare in Paris gripped the nation as it all unfolded on live TV.

CNN reported from the streets of Paris, "I'm hearing gunfire."

CBS News reported, "Another explosion, perhaps a stun grenade...and another."

TV networks and cable news channels broke away from their regular programming to report the action as it happened. Americans woke up to the crisis.

The two brothers were cornered in a printing plant not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport, with two hostages.

As we watched the drama unfold, there was this breaking news. Savannah Guthrie reported on NBC News, "There has been another shooting in Paris at a grocery store. Officials believe that gunman may have ties to the suspects in Wednesday's case, those brothers."

Two suspected terrorists, friends of the Kouachi brothers, burst into a kosher supermarket on the outskirts of Paris, holding 16 people hostage. They threatened to kill everyone if the brothers were harmed.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to students from Connecticut in Paris on a two week study program. They, like all of us, were glued to the coverage, but they were a lot closer.

"The whole day I knew what was going on, that they were surrounded by the police," said one student.
At 11:00 a.m. East Coast time, it's 5:00 at night in Paris, the police make their move.

Gunfire could be heard at the printing plant and smoke could be seen rising from the roof. Then, a fireball!

In a coordinated strike, a French SWAT team swarmed into the grocery store. Shots rang out. Moments later, hostages streamed out. One distraught man was carrying a small child. A cop carried an injured woman on his shoulder.

Then, came the news everyone was waiting for --the brothers are dead. Three of the terrorists were killed. The female suspect somehow escaped in the chaos.

Sadly, some hostages in the grocery store didn't make it.

Another dark day falls on the City of Lights.