Outrage Ignites Over 4-Year-Old Training Pack Of Pit Bulls

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the Ty Girard, father of Taisley, the 4-year-old who was featured in a viral video where she feeds six hungry pittbulls. Ty's parenting has been coming under attack.

It's the video of the world's littlest dog whisperer that's sparking outcry today.

Four-year-old Taisley is feeding 6 hungry pit bulls and she's in complete control.

She pours buckets of food on the kitchen floor and the dogs don't move a muscle until she tells them to.

The extraordinary video went viral last week and it's now sparking real concerns. Is it responsible for a child this young to be surrounded by a pack of pit bulls?

"Dear lord this breed is unpredictable. Why risk your kids life?" asks one Twitter posting.

"This is crazy, irresponsible, poor parenting!" wrote another.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian caught up with Taisley, her dad Tye Girard and his attorney, Jean Laws Scott.

Fabian asked Tye, "Are you putting your daughter in danger when she does this?"

Tye said, "Absolutely not. We've had these dogs since they were babies and they've been raised that way."

In one part of the video, Tailsley sustains a boo boo when one pit bull stomps on her to get to the food.

Fabian continued, "She's much smaller than these animals. That doesn't concern you, that, you know, one dog with a bad day could really cause some harm?"

Tye responded, "Them dogs love these kids more than you would ever know. If I felt that she was in any danger, I definitely wouldn't put my daughter in that situation at all."