Massive 200 Car Pile Up Caught on Video

INSIDE EDITION has obtained video from a massive car pileup in some very wicked weather.

A horrific pileup occurred on a snow-bound interstate.

Again and again, big rigs slammed into each other. Not only trucks, but dozens of helpless car drivers were involved, too.

One guy shooting a cellphone video ran over to help, telling one driver, “Get out of your vehicle! Hurry up!”

There was chaos as drivers and passengers tried to help their loved ones.

Jim Gochanour was one of the first troopers at the scene. He told INSIDE EDITION, “It was mass chaos. You couldn’t see from one end of the accident scene to the other, I mean, it was that massive.”

The horror scene happened on I-94 outside Kalamazoo, Michigan, last week. It was the same spot as the incredible, recent fireworks explosion. The new video depicting the scene has just surfaced. Nearly 200 vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction disaster. There was one fatality.

So what should you do if, Heaven forbid, you find yourself in a nightmare like this?

Robert Sinclair of AAA New York told INSIDE EDITION, “The vehicle has protection for you. Remain in it until you’re sure that no one else is wrecking. If you get out of the vehicle, someone could come up alongside you and hit you, making for a very bad day.”