Margaret Cho Backlash Over Golden Globes Gag

Margaret Cho is facing backlash over her Golden Globes gag, playing a North Korean general. INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

It's Julianne Moore! She tucked her famous red locks under a winter hat as she arrived home in New York from her big night at the Golden Globes where she won Best Actress.

Julianne told photographers and fans at JFK Airport in New York that she was back on mom duty, rushing to make her 16-year-old son's high school game.

Comedian Margaret Cho defended her controversial portrayal of a North Korean general, which has come under criticism for perpetuating stereotypes.

"I'm of mixed North/South Korean descent -you imprison, starve, and brainwash my people you get made fun of by me," Cho tweeted.

Cho once played North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-il on Tina Fey's show, 30 Rock, as well.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Cho said, "I can do whatever I want when it comes to Koreans," Cho insisted, "I'm not playing the race card, I'm playing the rice card."

Another actor who came under attack for his appearance at the Golden Globes is Jeremy Renner, who leered over Jennifer Lopez's supersexy gown.

Renner was blasted on social media. "Best supporting creep," says one tweet. While another calls him a: "boob-seeking robot."

Renner hit back when he posted a photo showing J.Lo cracking up over his quip, saying, "A reminder not to take this --- so serious. Thanks Jennifer -- you're a gem."

Speaking of J.Lo, the 45-year-old actress had everyone wondering whether she has a new boy toy when she showed up looking cozy with her co-star in the upcoming movie, The Boy Next Door, Ryan Guzman.

Twenty-seven-year-old Guzman is 18 years younger than J.Lo.

According to the New York Post, he was seen with his arm around Jennifer on a couch at the Weinstein Company/Netflix After Party, where they posed for a selfie.

"They also left together," quoted a source.

Kathy Griffin proved herself to be every bit as sharp-tongued as her predecessor, Joan Rivers.

"Joan, I know you are watching from Heaven, but don't get it twisted, I will not be afraid to bring the hammer down on anyone and everyone!" said Griffin.

Griffin, who just took over the reigns of the E! Channel's Fashion Police from her late friend, blasted George Clooney's wife, Amal, for wearing white gloves with her black Dior gown.