The Face In The Crowd. America's Official Presence In Paris

As mourning continues in Paris over the terror attacks, INSID

Surprising details have come to light about the U.S. presence at the historic unity rally in Paris.

In a recently surfaced video, the top-ranking U.S.official was shown at the march. She is actually the American ambassador to France, Jane Hartley.

World leaders, like the Israeli prime minister and the German chancellor, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the president of France in the front row, while our ambassador was about 20 rows back.

The decision not to send President Obama, Vice President Biden, or another high-profile American continues coming under fire. At a press conference, Josh Earnest commented, "Under different circumstances, the president certaintly would have liked to have the opportunity to participate in the march."

The ambassador was asked about it by a CNN reporter on the street, "At this point, you haven't been asked to convey the message that the White House press secretary said yesterday that they regret not having sent someone else?"

"No," replied Hartley.

"So, this issue, as far as you're concerned is over and done with?" asked the reporter.

"Well, it's not my issue," said Hartley.

New footage has surfaced of the two brothers who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo Magazine.

The video was shot as the gunmen made their violent getaway. They reloaded their weapons and yelled, "We have avenged the prophet," and, "We have killed Charlie Hebdo."

A police car blocked their escape down a narrow alley, and a gunfight broke out. The police car retreated, still blocking the alley as more bullets flew.

In Paris, an official ceremony was held to honor the three police officers slain in the attacks, one of whom was Muslim.

French President François Hollande placed the nation's highest award, the Legion of Honor, on the caskets.

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led mourners at the funerals of the four Jewish hostages killed in the attack on the kosher supermarket in Paris.