Ohio State's Big Win Is Big Night For...Bob Newhart!!??

Bob Newhart was a popular theme on social media when someone watching the college football championship decided the game's ref had a stunning resemblance to the longtime comic.

The celebration begins as Ohio State University wins the first ever College Football Playoff  Championship over the University of Oregon.

But social media went wild over the referee's stunning resemblance to a comedy legend!

“Tonight's ref is Bob Newhart!!!!” said one tweet.

85-year-old Newhart, of course, is beloved for his deadpan humor and he couldn't resist weighing in on Twitter himself, tweeting: “ In regards to my new career as head ref for #OSUvsORE - Hey, I don't have a series any more - I had to do something."

Even Newhart's Wikipedia page got in on the joke, with this added during the game, "Newhart was not the referee in the first college football playoff national championship game. The head referee who looks just like him is Greg Burks."

Ohio State did just about everything right, except a moment at the start of the big game in Arlington, Texas. A cheerleader was trampled by the players as they ran out on the field, causing a big pileup.

Fortunately, she wasn't hurt. But get this, a flag bearer who was supposed to carry the last "O" in "Ohio" also got tangled up in the pile and missed the team's splashy entrance.

The college national championship was the hottest ticket in town, and INSIDE EDITION spotted quite a few celebrities taking in the game.

NBA superstar LeBron James was on the sidelines, all decked out in Ohio state gear.  Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was there, too.

Ohio State was an underdog in the game and some unruly students back on campus in Columbus got carried away.

Cops in riot gear had to disperse them with pepper spray and tear gas. But who wouldn't get a bit excited when your football team is number one?