Hey There Lonely Guy - Passenger All Alone On Delta Flight

One man found himself 107 feet up in the air, with an entire airplane practically to himself.

You've heard of lonely girl. Now meet lonely guy. This dude found himself all alone on a Delta flight from Cleveland to New York.

The plane was delayed for six hours. By the time it left, everyone else had been rebooked on other flights, except for Chris O'Leary.

He tweeted a picture taken by a flight attendant, with the caption,"I'm not joking. I'm the only one on this plane!"

Delta needed the plane in New York so they had no choice but to fly with only Chris on board. It was like being a billionaire, like his own private jet.

He tweeted, "Just got a personal safety briefing from my two flight attendants."

The Today Show joked, "Ironically though,  still not enough room in the overhead bins."

Alas, just as he was about to take off, another passenger arrived!

He wrote, "The thrill is gone, you guys... they reconnected the jet bridge to let a second passenger on the flight."

There was still plenty of leg room on the plane even if was a little lonely.