Cop Weeps After Shooting Suspect

One Billings, Montana, cop broke down after fatally shooting a suspect, while another cop in Salt Lake City, Utah, faces his own reality of another fatal shooting. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A cop wept uncontrollably as he was consoled by other officers, and here's why.

Just moments earlier, this dramatic confrontation between the cop and four men in a car turned deadly.

The police shouted, "Get your (blank) hands up! I'm going to shoot you! I will shoot you! Hands up!"

The just-released dashcam video shows the police officer firing three times at a passenger in the back seat of the car, killing him.

The driver said, "He didn't even have a weapon on him!"

When it was confirmed that none of the men in the car were armed, the cop who opened fire broke down.

Officer Grant Morrison sobbed as other officers in Billings, Montana, offered comfort.

"I thought he was going to pull a gun on me," said Morrison.

"Maybe he was. Maybe he was," said another officer.

The dead man is 38-year-old Richard Ramirez who was a suspect in a robbery. Authorities say he was also high on meth.

A coroner's jury has just ruled the shooting from last April was justified and released the video.

It comes as police departments across America are under scrunity as never before following the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the death of Eric Garner in New York
Another police confrontation caught on tape, this one in Salt Lake City. 

Cop: "What are you doing in the area?"
Suspect: "Snow removal."
Cop: "There's no snow to be removed right now."

James Barker was seen going from house to house with a shovel, supposedly looking to clear the sidewalks of snow.  But some residents feared he was really looking for homes to burglarize and called police.

"I'm doing my business! I'm trying to earn a living," said Barker.

When he was asked for his name, Barker suddenly exploded with rage and attacked the cop with his shovel.

"You can't get in my face! You can't get in my face," exclaimed Barker.

The blow of his snow shovel broke the camera being worn by the cop.  

And a moment later, 42-year-old Barker was shot dead.

It turns out he was a landscaper from the neighborhood with no criminal record.

Neighbor Richard Grow saw the drama unfold, and told INSIDE EDITION, "They wrestled on the ground for 10 or 15 seconds and then I saw one reach out to his side. ot turned out to be a police officer, pull a gun and shoot the fellow in the chest. It's stunning that something like that can escalate into something like what happened."

Two tragic episodes from different parts of the nation, both caught on police cameras.