Killer Ex! Nascar's Kurt Busch Claims His Ex Is Trained Assassin

He's the race car driver accused of assaulting his girlfriend, but in a stunning twist, he's turning the tables, saying 'he's' the one at risk, claiming his ex is a trained assassin.  INSIDE EDITION explains.

He's the daring Nascar driver accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and now, the case is taking a hair-pin turn!

Kurt Busch, known as "The Outlaw" to Nascar fans, stunned a courtroom by claming Patricia Driscoll is "a trained assassin" who travels the world on secret missions.

Driscoll runs a surveillance and security company called Frontline Defense Systems. In a video you can see her firing away on the target range. At one point she says, "I have the reputation of not being the nicest person in the world and I've earned it."

She's seeking a no-contact order against Busch, claiming he slammed her head against a wall during an argument. Busch denies this, and according to him, he's the one in danger!

Busch claims his ex-girlfriend told him she was a mercenary who kills people for a living.

He also says Driscoll told him she was the inspiration for the CIA character played by Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty.

But Driscoll is shooting down Busch's claims as "ludicrous," saying they come from a movie script she's been working on for many years.

Female assassins have been depicted in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring Angeline Jolie.

Bridget Fonda also played an assassin in Point Of No Return.

So, are Kurt Busch's claims about his ex-girlfriend the stuff of Hollywood make-believe or the real thing? Stay tuned.