Family Of Man Shot By Weeping Cop Speaks Out

Yesterday we showed you the cop distraught over having shot a man he says was threatening him.  Today, the dead man's family is speaking out, telling INSIDE EDITION the policeman 'didn't' have to use deadly force.

It's the heartwrenching video of a cop weeping after shooting dead an unarmed suspect  .

But the family of the dead man isn't moved by those tears, telling INSIDE EDITION, "You don't even give a man a chance to speak or talk. I mean, where's your taser? Shoot him in the arm, you know. You can't be that scared for your life."

38-year-old Richard Ramirez was wanted for an armed robbery in which a 61-year-old man was shot. He was identified by the victim in a 911 call.

Caller:  "I heard screaming and then I came to see what happened and there's blood everywhere."

911 operator: "Is he able to give you a description at all so my officers will know who they're looking for?"

Caller: "Hey man, you got a description for who attacked you?"

Victim: "Richard Ramirez. I know who is it."

Caller: "He said a name. Richard Ramirez."

When police officer Grant Morrison pulled the car over, he recognized Ramirez in the back seat.

On the video you can see Morrison confronting the suspect, "Richard? All of you, put your(blank) hands up right now on the top of the seats."

Within seconds the confrontation takes a deadly turn. The cop says he saw Ramirez reaching for something with his left hand.

Morrison continued, "Get your (blank) hands up! I'm going to shoot you! I will shoot you! Hands up!"

Officer Morrison testified at an inquest that he believed Ramirez was armed, saying, "I wish I had just knew that he didn't have a gun but I couldn't take the risk.
Security expert Harry Hauck studied the video for INSIDE EDITION.

Hauck said, "All they had to do was do what they were told. When I come up to a vehicle like this and I have more then three suspects in a vehicle, I want to see everybodies hands. That's all this guy had to do."

One reason for his weepy breakdown is that just a year earlier Officer Morrison shot and killed another suspect who was armed with a bb gun.

In that video the shooting happened off camera, but in it you could see gunfire smashing the rear window of an SUV.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked Hauck, "Now he shot another person in the line of duty when this person wasn't armed. Is he fit for the police force?"

Hauck said, "Of course, I mean, police officers, I mean, I know cops that have shot like eight people  in twenty years. It all depends on where you work."

Inquests found both shootings were justified.