Mel Gibson's Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Threatened Murder-Suicide

INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest audio tape of Mel Gibson's rant that is the most shocking one yet.

It may be the most shocking and disturbing rant yet, as tape #6 from the Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva saga reveals them screaming at each other over their baby daughter.

Oksana:  "I'm just saving my child's life, because you are a monster!  That's all, you're a monster!"

Gibson:  "You're yelling now? Good."

Gibson continued:  "You have my child!  And she doesn't need a golddigging ___, russian ____ whore for a mother!  We all know what you are!"

Grigorieva: "You will not have this child!"

Gibson:  "Why don't you keep her?  Because they'll know what you are!"

Grigorieva:  "Mel, you're imbalanced.  There's something wrong with you.  You need medication."

Gibson: "Oh, you shut up!"

But there's an even deeper, darker story than the one the tapes tell. 

Dylan Howard, Sr. Editor of said, "Picture this—you've got Mel Gibson in a bedroom with Oksana.  She's been hit.  She's on a bed holding the baby, her son is also in the room.  Then Mel grabbed a handgun from the pockets of his shorts and started waving in front of her, threatening to murder not only her, but the baby, and Sascha, and then turn the gun on himself.  Frightening stuff."

It allegedly began on January 6, when says Grigorieva took her 12-year-old son Sascha to a basketball game. 

Howard said, "He was agitated that Oksana was focusing her attention on her 12-year-old son Sascha and not at home with baby Lucia.  He then used his forearm to go towards her, of course, this is according to Oksana, in apparent strangulation and choking attempt." says Grigorieva fled from Gibson's Malibu house with the two children.  A photo of her broken teeth was reportedly taken several hours later, and then, the battle over the baby began.

Grigorieva:  "You cannot raise this child with these symptoms."

Gibson:  "What?!"

Oksana:  "You're acting as a crazy man right now, and you have been for many many months.  And you hit me and you hit her, whilst she was in my hands.  Mel, you're losing your mind.  You need medication."

Gibson:  "You need a ____ kick up the ___ for being a _____ _____ golddigging whore!  And I want my child and no one will believe you.  So ___ you!"

Gibson makes a crude reference to Grigorieva's appearance.

Gibson:  "If you get raped it's your fault for showing off your fake ____, like they're some special deal!"

Grigorieva:  "Are you crazy?"

Gibson:  "How much did they cost, those fakers?"

As Grigorieva tells Gibson she doesn't need him, you can hear him ranting away.

Grigorieva:  "I don't need anything from you, okay?  I will disappear from your life, just like I came in!"

But Gibson's rage is undiminished.

Gibson:  "Just ___ my ___!  You ____ ____ whore, that's all you're good for!  That's about all you're ___ good at!"