Dude Makes Historic Climb In Yosemite Park But Loses Voice

Two rock climbers made a historic ascent in Yosemite National Park, when they accomplished their task one of the climbers was at a loss for words – literally! INSIDE EDITION explains.

What a triumph for Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell. They made history when they scaled the 3,000 ft. summit of Yosemite National Park's El Capitan's Dawn Wall.

But when the dynamic duo appeared on the morning shows there was something missing...Tommy's voice!

Today show host Matt Lauer had a little fun asking Tommy to answer questions using his thumbs.

He asked, "What did your first real shower in 19 days feel like?"

Tommy then responded with a "thumbs up."

His voice was still gone on Good Morning America.

Robin Roberts said, "That says a lot about your character, Tommy."

He then responded, "Thank you. I have to apologize, my voice is gone from yelling at Kevin so much."

It took three long weeks for mountain climbers to conquer the world's largest granite monolith. They used only ropes and a safety harness. They braved cuts on their finger tips, many falls, and wind storms. They slept in tents perched on the sheer cliff.

Their family and supporters greeted them at the top.

President Obama tweeted, "Congratulations. You remind us that anything is possible."

Truly a remarkable achievement, even if he didn't have a voice to celebrate.