Paralyzed Bride Determined To Walk Down The Aisle

One woman was told she would never be able to walk again following a horrific car crash. Yet, she was determined to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. INSIDE EDITION has the remarkable story.

It was truly a fairytale wedding. The bride looked beautiful as she arrived in a carriage like Cinderella and the groom wept with joy as he saw how lovely she looked.

But the most magical moment was still to come.

The bride, Tami Martin, had been told she would never walk down the aisle. In 1999, she suffered a terrible car crash that left her confined to a wheelchair, presumably for the rest of her life. But she had other ideas.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “Thinking about walking down the aisle, I just knew I was going to do it.”

Tami's spine was crushed in the car wreck. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Because she could no longer be active, her weight soared to 300 pounds.

"I was depressed, that was one the reasons I gained weight and ate the wrong food," she said.

But hours of grueling physical therapy helped Tami get her weight under control. She lost nearly 200 pounds.

In 2013, Tami met website designer Rob Dietrich. It was love at first sight and he proposed three months later.

The big day was held at Disney World in Florida. Would Tami’s dream come true? Would she walk down the aisle? She sure did.

Assisted by friends, and with a little help from a walker, she took those amazing steps and approached her groom.

It was the first time she had walked in 15 years.

She said, "I wouldn't take no for an answer."

Rob said, "It was just amazing to see her do this. So, I was just so proud of her."

A round of applause greeted Tami’s triumph.

Following the pronouncement that they were man and wife, there was no need for Tami to walk back down the aisle. Rob swept her off her feet and carried her. Then came the fireworks.

A magical evening for the bride who was determined to walk at her wedding. No matter what.