It's Photoshopped! Magazine Cover Shows Bruce Jenner as a Woman

It was a striking cover shot, Bruce Jenner appearing to have completed his transformation to becoming a woman. But looks can be deceiving. An actress has come to INSIDE EDITION to say the body on that magazine cover is hers.

It's a shocking photo! Bruce Jenner on the cover of the new In Touch magazine, in full makeup including lipstick and wearing a feminine silk scarf.

So, are all those tabloid stories true? Has Bruce Jenner fully transititioned into a woman?

The cover of the magazine blares, "Bruce's Story: My Life As a Woman."

But we can now reveal the photo isn't what it seems. 

Actress Stephanie Beacham who played Joan Collin's cousin on the 1980's prime time drama Dynasty has come to INSIDE EDITION to say that's her on the cover, at least from the neck down.

Beacham said, "It's my style, it's my clothes."

She held up the two photos to compare, saying, "I speak no lie, Bruce looks far lovelier than I do there."

It's taken from a photo of the actress at a celebrity event in 2013. In Touch magazine apparently photoshopped Bruce Jenner's head onto her body.

INSIDE EDITION asked her, "Is part of you mad?"

Beacham responded, "No. No. I think it's terribly funny. These things happen. It's the silliest thing that's happened today."

Watch Beacham's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

Last weekend, Kim Karshashian's stepfather was photographed with his hair long and flowing.  He has also been photographed with polished nails but he's never been seen in public in full out makeup as depicted by In Touch.

Way down in the article, the magazine admits to doctoring the photos."Multiple sources...revealed exclusively to In Touch what Bruce wants to look like when his transformation is complete, and their inside knowledge was used for our cover photo recreation."

Bruce's ex- wife, Kris Jenner is reportedly "outraged" by the magazine cover, and Stephanie Beacham, who is now starring in the BBC comedy, Boomers, is still in a bit of shock over seeing Bruce's face on her body.

INSIDE EDITION asked Beacham, "What would you want to say to the folks at  this magazine?"

Beacham said, "Well, I think they owe me some flowers. I think a very large bouquet of pink flowers."