Pranksters Punk Cops

A group of pranksters punked police officers into believing they were selling coke out of their car. It turned out to be the beverage. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"You guys need some Coke?" one of the four asked.

"No thank you," he responded.

Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Four pranksters rigged their vehicle with hidden cameras, then went to Venice Beach in Los Angeles and asked passersby a kind of shady question: "Need some Coke bro?"

"Coke?" anothed added.

The Coke they tried to sell is actually Coca-Cola. Not the funniest gag anyways. But the prank suddenly started to go wrong.

"What are you guys doing here?" someone asked.

Someone reported the dudes to the police. As the officers patiently questioned the friends, the pranksters' decided to run with it.

"I can't do this. I can't do this. We have a bunch of Coke in the back," they admitted.

A bunch of Coke in the back? Hearing that, they were all put in handcuffs.

"When they asked us to step out of the car, I had a heart attack," one of the pranksters' told INSIDE EDITION.

Sure enough, when the cops checked the vehicle, they found not an illegal white powder, but dozens of cans of the number one soft drink in America.

LAPD is slamming what it calls this "juvenile prank."

"It is dangerous for the participants involved and a huge waste of a police officer's time," a spokesman said.

One of the pranksters' told INSIDE EDITION, "It was accidental, our intentions were not to cause any problems."

Video showed how good naturedly the cops take being pranked.

INSIDE EDITION was told "They were good cops."

You can say that again. The buddies were lucky they weren't in New York. A guy did a wacky dance behind some NYPD cops who weren't amused.

As for these guys, you can say their prank with the Coke just went flat.