America's Most Frugal Mom

INSIDE EDITION met the woman who could be the most frugal mom in America and found out how she lives the good life on a pauper’s budget.

"I am the Queen of frugal," Jordan Page told INSIDE EDITION.

She is a busy stay at home mom of four, whose blog about frugality reaches a half-million followers.

Tip No.1: Plan all your meals for the week. Cook them yourself, and freeze them.
Jordan told INSIDE EDITION, "This is lasagna. It probably cost me $1.50, maybe two dollars for the double portions, and it would probably cost me 11 or 12 dollars for a frozen processed lasagna from the store."   

She said when shopping, always take the store's ads with you to find the best deals. Like the closeout bin at her neighborhood Harmon's grocery store.

Tip No.2: Buy clothes at yard sales.

Jordan's closet is filled with good quality duds she got for just pennies on the dollar like a J.Crew shirt. And you won't believe how much she paid for her shoes from Nordstrom.

"When I got to the register they rang it up as one cent. One penny," she revealed.

Tip No.3: Buy floor samples when you purchase furniture.

Jordan bought a $700 chest for $300 all because it had a tiny scratch.

Tip No.4: Buy cheap makeup. Jordan said you can look like a movie star on a budget.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "My favorite lipstick was actually a dollar from the dollar store, I love this stuff."

Now for the best part, She saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on her house, claiming, "We got our home for a screaming deal."

It's screaming all right. Jordan said she bought a million dollar house outside Salt Lake City for $400,000 by snapping it up just before it went into foreclosure.

Wow. Some simple solutions that can turn anyone into their own Queen of frugal.

She said, "I feel like I'm walking proof that it's possible."