Singer James Taylor Gives A 'Big Hug' To Embattled Citizens Of Paris

After America was criticized for sending no high profile officials to the terror memorial in Paris last weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the French capitol with singer James Taylor. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Secretary of State John Kerry came under fire for having singer James Taylor perform "You've Got a Friend" on his visit to France.

Social media exploded with mocking comments like: "This is embarrassing!" and "Never bring a pop singer to a gunfight!"

Piers Morgan is Editor-at-Large at

"You don't do something as ridicuously facile and cheesy as taking a singer to sing a song to the French people. You think that's what they want to hear right now? "You've Got a Friend." Really?" Morgan told INSIDE EDITION.

Kerry exchanged an awkward hug with French president Francois Hollande, then visited the sites of the terror attacks in Paris that shocked the world.

The Obama Administration came under fierce criticism for failing to send a high ranking official to last Sunday's historic march against terrorism.

Kerry offered his condolences to the French by introducing the legendary singer.

Morgan told INSIDE EDITION, "What John Kerry has done is create Saturday Night Live's next skit."

And we're now getting a chilling look at a terrorist right here in America.

FBI surveillance video was used as evidence at the terror trial of 29-year-old Amine El-Khalifi, a Moroccan national from suburban Washington, D.C. He planned to blow up the Capitol and assassinate members of congress.  A plot terrifyingly similar to the charges just made against 20-year-old so called Mama's boy Christoper Cornell of Cincinnati.

Recorded by video, El-Khalifi bought a machine gun from an FBI undercover agent who posed as an Al-Qaeda terrorist.  

"How many hits in here?" El-Khalifi asked in the video.

"30," the undercover FBI agent responded.

Another video showed that he bought nails at Home Depot for shrapnel for a suicide bomb vest.

"I'm going to put them all over my body.  I'm going to go inside, like a real place, maybe the Capitol," El-Khalifi said to undercover agents.

The FBI recorded his every move. In another video, he went to a rock quarry to test a bomb.

Undercover agents gave him a cell phone detonator.

The undercover FBI agent said, "Allah hu akbar!"

"Brother, this is not strong enough, man," El-Khalifi responded.

El-Khalifi was arrested in 2012 just blocks from the capitol. He's now serving 30 years in prison.