'Deflate-Gate' Super Bowl Scandal

The NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots illegally used deflated footballs to win their ticket to the Super Bowl. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did the New England Patriots cheat to clinch a trip to the Super Bowl?

The NFL is now investigating whether the Patriots used illegally deflated footballs that make them easier to throw and catch in cold weather during their big victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The referees actually stopped the game when they discovered one deflated football. It was taken away for further testing.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to former NFL receiver Curtis Williams. She asked, "It was raining hard last night, what would be the point of having a deflated football in that weather?"

Williams responded, "Well when it's inflated, as you see, it's pretty stiff, so, you know, when it's wet it's gonna be slick. So, when the ball is actually deflated you'll get a lot better grip even in cold weather or wet weather."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady laughed off the deflated football controversy on Boston's WEEI Radio, saying, "I think I've heard it all at this point. Oh God! It's ridiculous. I don't even respond to stuff like this."

Brady posted a Facebook photo with his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, as they celebrated his sixth Super Bowl appearance, a record for a quarterback.

The Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks -who made one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history, beating the Green Bay Packers in overtime.

Some Seahawks fans who assumed the team was doomed left early to beat the traffic and wound up watching the thrilling finish on TV through the stadium's glass windows. Seahawks stadium has a strict no-reentry policy, and those unlucky ticket-holders couldn't get back in.

They also missed Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, overcome by emotion as he spoke to Fox's Erin Andrews about a comeback for the ages.

Wilson said, "These guys on the team are unbelievable, man. The fight, the fight, the relentless fight over and over again."