Leader Of The Pack - He's A Human

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Augusto de Oliveira who has such control over his pack of German Shepherds he can walk them down the street without a leash.

It is an extraordinary sight of a pack of German Shepherds that are so obedient they're talking a stroll down the streets of Boston without so much as a leash.
As the dogs go on their walk, pedestrians can't believe what they're seeing. Instantly cell phone cameras get whipped out.

German Shepherd’s are known as ferocious guard dogs, but these are as gentle as lambs.

One person who saw it said, “They are so well behaved; we didn't know they weren't on leashes at first."
So who's the leader of this pack?  It's not another dog. It's a dude! Twenty-three-year-old Augusto de Oliveira is literally with his dogs day and night. They follow him everywhere, even into his bed.

So, what's his secret? He maintains strict discipline with curt commands like, "Sit. Stay down. High five." He uses physical admonishments like a sharp poke in the ribs!

He's in complete control, but come feeding time, it's a frenzy. He feeds his dogs raw chicken legs, which they devour, bones and all.

His landlady, Cynthia Dean, doesn't seem to mind renting her rooms out to Augusto and his pack of German Shepherds.
She told INSIDE EDITION, “He just has a gift with dogs. He knows how to work with dogs. He knows their body language. It's amazing to see so many dogs, so well behaved.”  

But Augusto is coming under fire from critics who contend his training methods are abusive. Pointing to a video that purports to show his dogs cowering before him with their heads bent low.

Augusto denies the claims saying his dogs are happy and well cared for.

Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working because this dog owner has no problem keeping his pack in line.