Cheating Death: Driver Nearly Crushed Between Two Semi Trucks Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Kaleb Whitby after his pickup truck was sandwiched between two semis due to icy temperatures and freezing rain that triggered hazardous driving conditions.

Kaleb Whitby is one lucky guy! Imagine surviving being sandwiched between two 18-wheelers and coming out with just a black eye.
He told INSIDE EDITION, “All I could do was close my eyes and hope and pray that it wasn't my time.”

The 27-year-old found himself inside his pickup truck that ended up being crammed among the two semis.

“I had just enough room to squeak through there. There wasn't much,” he said.

It happened in Oregon as icy conditions caused havoc across the nation. A car was caught on video sliding out of control on black ice in New York. The driver struggled until it side-swiped another car parked at the bottom of the hill.

Streets and highways became like skating rinks.

The Today show's Al Roker said the weather forecasts got it all wrong. “Be honest with you, the forecast was not right on this. We expected the moisture to come in after the cold air. If you got behind the wheel it was white knuckle driving all the way,” said Roker.

What can drivers do in conditions like this? Most drivers try to brake, but car expert Lauren Fix says that's the wrong thing to do.

“On black ice you just skate. Doesn't matter if you’re in a truck or a little car, you are just skating along the ice. So, what is counterintuitive, is to keep your hands on the wheel with a nice light grip, maintain throttle, and get two wheels in the snow or the dirt so you will get a little bit of traction instead of no traction whatsoever,” she advised.

That could stop you from ending up in a crash like that in New York.