Pooch Could Inherit $200,000!

INSIDE EDITION met the owner of one dog who intends to leave the pooch a giant chunk of her family's estate.

One little dog not only gets the royal treatment, she's also an heiress!
Rose Ann Bolasny of Queens, New York, has made a decision that's getting international attention. She's leaving a big chunk of her estate to her three-year-old Maltese, Bella Mia.

That means, when it’s time for 60-year-old Rose Ann to meet her maker, Bella Mia gets the Florida vacation home; the jewels; the wardrobe, and a trust fund, which will pay for a caregiver who can take care of the dog, including taking her on strolls in a baby carriage.

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INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian saw the dog’s closet and said, “Look at this she's got dresses among dresses, and she’s got jewelry!”

“She is the best dressed pet in the world,” said Rose Ann. “I wanted to make sure, God forbid something happened to my husband or I, that Bella Mia was taken care of.”

In total, Bella stands to inherit more than $200,000.
Fabian said, “Wow! This is an incredible amount of money to leave to a pet.”

"I’m sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don't really look at the negative, I look at the positive of it,” she replied.  

Rose has two "human" sons. They're set to inherit the lion's share of the estate.

Fabian asked, “What was the reaction from your sons?”
“They adore her. They absolutely adore her,” she replied.

The canine heiress doesn't seem to like all the attention she's getting, including a front page story in the New York Post which blared the headline, "The $1M Maltese!"

But this lady from Queens thinks it's A-Ok to treat her dog like a princess, saying, “I feel like I gave birth to Bella Mia, she's absolutely like a child to me.”