Mayhem In Miami! Bikers Swarm City Streets

Bikers swarmed the streets of Miami in what they say was a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It was mayhem in Miami as hundreds of bikers took over the city streets. They weaved in and out of traffic on the interstate. They blew through red lights and popped wheelies in formation!

The brazen bikers even filmed each other and posted the videos online.

In one video, the guys pop wheelies and then hop onto the seats of their bikes while no one is wearing a helmet.

One guy held up traffic doing 360's on his ATV.

The swarm was organized on social media and drew bikers from as far away as Philadelphia and New York.

Would you believe it was billed as a tribute to the late great Martin Luther King, Jr.? We kid you not. Their message was “Bikes Up - Guns Down!”

So, where were the cops? They were right there, trying to restore order but the bikers just ignored them.

The crazy scene in Miami is reminding many of a similar swarm in Los Angeles last year. When a biker taunted a California Highway Patrol Officer who was trying to pull him over, the biker dismissed him with a wave.

There was just one minor accident in Miami but we've seen biker gatherings like that before with tragic consequences.

A young father ran over a biker in 2013 on the West Side Highway in Manhattan as he was trying to get away from a gang who had surrounded his SUV. He was chased down and then dragged from his car and beaten in front of his wife and toddler.

Now, it’s Miami’s turn to experience mayhem on the streets. Amazingly in Miami, no one was hurt.