Severe Turbulence Sends Passengers to Hospital

Extreme turbulence resulted in several passengers being hospitalized from injuries sustained during the terrifying incident.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

It's an airline terminal that looks more like a battlefield.

Thirty passengers and crew were injured when a jumbo jet hit severe turbulence. One woman is in critical condition.

The United flight from Washington to Los Angeles was rocked by air turbulence six miles above Kansas and had to divert to Denver so injured passengers could be hospitalized.  

One teenager took a dramatic photo showing the crack above a window when a woman passenger struck her head.

An Australian passenger, Kaoma Bechaz, said, "I thought 'yes we're going down.'"

There were emotional reunions with loved ones when the passengers finally arrived in Los Angeles.

What were those terrifying moments like for the 265 people on board?

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd found out for himself aboard a turbulence simulator.

"You can clearly see how this would throw you off your feet if you weren't prepared for it. The plane pitched 30 degrees and the severe turbulence lasted 15 seconds. Wow!"

Scary enough in a simulator, terrifying and dangerous when it's the real thing.