Honey, I Bulldozed The House!

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a man who is in a heap of trouble from his wife and police after he bulldozed their home without telling anyone.

Imagine coming home to discover your house had been demolished by your own husband and everything you owned was still inside!

A shell-shocked Diane Andryshak came home to a pile of rubble where her house once stood. Her furniture, her clothes, even the microwave oven, all destroyed. And get this, she is the legal owner of the home, not him! She still can't figure out why he did it.

"None of my belongings were taken out," she told INSIDE EDITION.

"Everything was in the house?" INSIDE EDITION asked her again.

"Everything was in the house," she repeated.

Diane then explained to INSIDE EDITION, "I don't know what happened, I don't know anything."

The house, before it was demolished, was a cozy ranch house in Middletown, New York, 90 minutes from Manhattan.

But for some reason, Diane's husband suddenly decided on his own it had to go. He didn't have a permit. He just rented a bulldozer and went at it, flattening his wife's house to smithereens. He didn't even ask the utility companies to shut off the gas or the electricity, which police say was a potentially dangerous situation.

A neighbor called cops and 48-year-old James Rhein was arrested for criminal mischief. He's not the first guy to do some spontaneous demolition work.

A man in Washington state drove a bulldozer through two homes after a fight with his neighbors. He flattened a pickup truck and even tore down the electric lines. And a Grandpa in California got so mad at his grandkids, he drove his truck right into his own living room!

So why did James Rhein demolish his wife's house? He said it was dilapidated beyond repair and had to be demolished, and doesn't sound the least bit sorry.

When a local reporter caught up with him, he wasn't the least bit sorry!

A reporter asked, "The records say it's in your wife's name."

"We're married. It's a community asset," he replied.

The reporter then said, "Well, apparently she says you weren't supposed to tear down the house."

'Apparently they're wrong," he snapped back.

Apparently James doesn't know an important rule in a happy marriage: Always check with your wife before you tear down the house.