'Deflate-Gate' Won't Go Away For New England Patriots

The NFL is officially investigating what some are calling “Deflate-Gate,” after 11 of the 12 balls used by The New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game were found to be underinflated. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"Deflate-gate" just got a whole lot worse for the New England Patriots.

A bombshell report by ESPN said 11 out of 12 footballs used by the Patriots in Sunday's victory over the Indianapolis Colts were improperly inflated. 

Footballs are supposed to be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch. Anything less makes it easier to throw and catch the ball in the cold.

The Patriots ended up slaughtering the Colts 45-7 and are going to the Super Bowl, but the victory is now tainted and they face a fine and other disciplinary action

CNN anchor John Berman, a life long Patriots fan, said: "How can you root for a cheater? How can you award malfeasance? How can you cheer a con? You can't! At least you shouldn't. "

"Slime Balls" read the headline in the New York Post. The paper compared Patriots coach Bill Belichick to Darth Vader and also President Richard Nixon, as in Tricky-Dicky Nixon.

The 62-year-old Belichick is a notorious curmudgeon, known for his brilliant coaching but his sour demeanor, so this may surprise you. In 2006, he was accused of having an affair with a receptionist for the New York Giants, which they deny.

Belichick has a gorgeous fiance, former Boston TV feature reporter Linda Holliday.  

Fingers are now being pointed at Belichick over deflate-gate, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called the allegations "ridiculous." 

They received support from Craig Carton of WFAN radio's "Boomer and Carton". Carton commented, "I think it's just jealousy and envy. People going after Bill Belichick and Tom Brady because they can't beat them. And if you can't beat them, they must be doing something illegal."
The scandal scored a touchdown for late-night comics.

Conan O'Brien commented, "I think there is some evidence they've been using deflated balls for quite awhile now."