Real Life Peter Griffin

Do we walk among a real-life Peter Griffin from Family Guy? INSIDE EDITION found one guy who is a dead ringer for the cartoon dad.

One guy is the real-life Peter Griffin, the looney dad on Family Guy.

His real name is Rob Franzese of Long Island, New York. The 26-year-old sounds exactly like his cartoon counterpart.

Check Out the Real Peter Griffin

He's even got Peter's sayings down pat, and he's perfected that famous laugh. He's even got Peter's look! Green pants, white shirt and glasses.

Even the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, says Rob's doing a great job. He retweeted Rob's viral YouTube video.

Fans at the Palisades Center Mall in New York couldn't contain their excitement when they met this real-life Peter Griffin.

One said, "My heart dropped. I was like, that's Peter Griffin!"