Bristol Palin Postpones Wedding After Sarah Palin Disapproves

As quickly as Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston got engaged, the wedding plans have been put on hold.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.  

Bristol Palin is postponing her wedding because "My mom doesn't approve." The 19-year-old says her mother is "apprehensive and concerned" about her engagement to bad boy, Levi Johnston. 

Last week Bristol said that she would tie the knot within weeks, but in the new issue of Us Weekly, Bristol says she needs more time:

"Levi and I have a lot to do to rebuild this relationship."

She also reveals that Sarah Palin won't even say if she'll attend the wedding.

"Bristol said that she thinks Sarah and Tood will attend the wedding.  She believes that they will but she thinks that they both want to see what Levi's going to do.  Is he really going to be there, get a job, get his education," Caroline Schaefer, executive editor of US Weekly, said.

Bristol isn't the only one reconsidering the wedding plans. A family source told INSIDE EDITION that Levi is also getting cold feet and looking for a way to break off the engagement.

If a wedding does take place, Bristol says Levi's sister, Mercede, definitely "won't be invited." Mercede Johnston has a blog that bashes the Palin's.  Bristol also reveals that she and Levi are seeking marriage counseling.