The "Cho" Must Go On. No Regrets From Comedian Margaret Cho Over Golden Globes Skit

INSIDE EDITION caught up with comedian Margaret Cho about her controversial Golden Globes skit that everyone is still talking about.

She is the funny lady who wowed the Golden Globes with her hilarious portrayal of a North Korean general.

She joked, "In North Korea, we know how to put on a show! This is not a show!"

Margaret Cho took a lot of heat for that performance, and now she wants everyone to know, she has no regrets!

Some thought her portrayal was racist, but the situation in North Korea is no joke to her. "Most of my family is in a labor camp, but we don't know, because we haven't seen them for 65 years," she told INSIDE EDITION.

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We caught up with Cho in Los Angeles, where she's hard at work on her new TLC talk show, All About Sex.

During the Golden Globes, Tina Fey asked, "Who do you want to take a picture with?"

Cho pointed to Meryl Streep.

And we just had to ask, "Was Meryl Streep really surprised by this moment at the Golden Globes?

"Meryl Streep didn't know we were doing that. She was very excited about it. She kissed me after, she was really thrilled," Cho said.

This wasn't the first time Cho has poked fun of the North Korean regime.

She played the late dictator on 30 Rock, risky stuff, but in Margaret Cho's book, humor is all about the cutting edge.

She said, "The only kind of weapon that I have against that is to make fun of it."