What A Difference A Week Makes! Pretty "Sex Teacher" Looks Haggard After Week In Jail

A former high school teacher is accused of having sex with three students and a week behind bars seems to have taken a toll on her “once attractive appearance.” INSIDE EDITION has the details.

What a difference a week makes! High school English teacher Brianne Altice looked haggard and terrified after just a week behind bars; she's charged with having sex with three teenage students.

The 35-year-old Brianne was looking pretty in a fire engine red blouse and black pencil skirt just seven days ago. In another earlier court appearance she opted for a kind of librarian look.

Her bail was revoked on January 15th when a judge was told she continued having relations with another teenager while she was free.

She bit and her lip and wept as she entered court in Utah on Thursday. She stood before the judge, shackles around her waist. She bowed her head and quietly sobbed, as she pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

John Webster is a prison consultant who helps prepare convicts for life behind bars.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "She's terrified for herself, as she should be."

INSIDE EDITION asked Webster, "When you watch that video of her walking into the court room, what do you see in her demeanor?"

"I have no doubt she's terrified. I have no doubt she's anxiety ridden. I have no doubt she's in shock, and certainly that's going to take a toll on one's physical appearance," he replied.

Brianne Altice's arrest is just the latest in what seems like an epidemic of teachers allegedly having sex with their students.

Even Hollywood is taking notice. Jennifer Lopez's new movie The Boy Next Door opens this weekend. She plays a high school teacher whose affair with a teenager backfires big time.

Now, Altice is dealing with a real life drama that's giving her a reason to cry.