Is The Model In New Carl's Jr. Ad The Next Kate Upton?

The star of the new Carl’s Jr. ad is being called the next Kate Upton. INSIDE EDITION tracked down Charlotte McKinney to talk about her new found fame.

She's the gorgeous woman in what may be the sexiest Super Bowl commercial ever.

Twenty-one-year-old Charlotte McKinney is turning heads in this just-released ad for the hamburger chain Carl's Jr.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret caught up with McKinney and asked her what she thought of the commercial.

She said, "I love it. I personally think it's very eye catching and different because it's questionable if I'm naked or not."

Watch McKinney In Her Stunning New Ad

She's so super hot in the ad she's being called the next Kate Upton!   

Moret brought up the comparison asking, "You've heard this over and over and you roll your eyes. Why?"

McKinney replied, "It's just getting old, you know? I'm my own person. I'm excited to have my own name now and be Charlotte McKinney."

Here are her stats: she's 5'7, grew up in Florida, and she's modeled for Guess.

Her Super Bowl ad is her biggest gig yet, but it's also sparking controversy with online comments like, "Setting feminism back four decades" and "Women are not sex objects to be used to sell your burgers."

McKinney said, "With anything you're going to have negative feedback but it's nothing you wouldn't see a day at the beach."

Controversy or not, her super sexy Super Bowl commercial promises to give her exposure beyond her wildest dreams.