Two Buddies From Vietnam War Learn They Live Next Door - For 20 Years

Two long-lost Army buddies lost touch after the Vietnam War. INSIDE EDITION found out they have been sharing backyards for years and didn’t even know it.

If you don't believe in miracles, listen to this story about two Army buddies reuniting for the first time in nearly half a century and they just found out they've been neighbors for the past 18 years!

Roger Watson and Dave Brown grew up in the same Detroit neighborhood, and they enlisted on the same day in 1966.

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Roger told INSIDE EDITION, "People shake their heads and say, 'You never saw him take the trash out?' "

Dave said, "Roger and I were very good friends."

They were assigned to the same combat unit in Vietnam. In 1968, Roger was badly wounded, losing a kidney.  He was sent home.

David said, "After the war, I wondered about him."

Flash-forward to the present. Dave's wife, Peggy, strikes up an acquaintance with the friendly neighbor beyond the back yard fence in Berkley, Michigan and finds out his name is Roger Watson.

Then, while walking past Roger's house, she noticed the wounded combat veteran license plate on his car and a military hat inside the rear window.

Peggy told INSIDE EDITION, "It said, 9th infantry. Oh my God, that's what Dave was in."

Peggy put two and two together and the next thing you know, Roger and Dave were saying hello for the first time in almost 50 years.

So, there's a new friendship for these two happy couples.

And two old soldiers got to speak the words they've longed to say for a long, long time, "Welcome home."