Ivanka Trump Faces Celebrity Stalker

Ivanka Trump endured a stalker who has been ordered to stay away from the entire Trump family.  INSIDE EDITION takes you inside the mind of a stalker. 

Chilling words from the man accused of stalking Celebrity Apprentice judge Ivanka Trump.

"If Ivanka Trump thinks that like this whole thing is over, it isn't.  It's only just begun."

INSIDE EDITION found 27-year-old Justin Massler living in the lap of luxury at his mother's home in Reno, Nevada and Ivanka Trump is never far from his thoughts.

Massler is accused of terrorizing Donald Trump's beautiful daughter for two years with truly disturbing e-mail and twitter messages.

He looked scary when he was arrested and pleaded not guilty to stalking in New York City in March.  

"I do look kinda crazy.  A lotta people said I had a Charles Manson thing going on there," Massler said.

On his blog, he has this picture of a ninja dressed in black and writes: "I am a celebrity stalker who is obsessed with Ivanka Trump."

He showed us a cartoon he drew for another website he created called "The Ivanka Trump Fan Club."  It's an image of Ivanka and her alleged stalker trying to get her attention.

"It's like Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe.  Ivanka is like my Marilyn and this is my masterpiece."

Massler allegedly threatened to kill himself at Ivanka's jewelry store on New York's swanky Madison Avenue.

"I thought she was like my soul mate and so when she got married I was like...I think I'll kill myself."

Now, a restraining order requires him to stay away from the entire Trump family.

Massler said, "I'm not gonna try to visit her at this point.  I'm not stupid, like walk into Trump tower and get thrown in jail."

INSIDE EDITION said to Massler, "Somebody listening to this is gonna say, 'this guy's crazy.'"

Massler replied, "People always think geniuses are crazy when they first start off."

Donald Trump has called his daughter's accused stalker a "really sick guy" but says she and his family are "handling" the crisis.