Snowmageddon 2015 Impacts 60 Million

As a massive blizzard bears down on the Northeast, INSIDE EDITION has tips that can help you stay safe in this latest wrath of Mother Nature.

Could this truly be the storm of the century? Sixty million people are bracing for impact and INSIDE EDITION was behind-the-scenes at storm headquarters inside The Weather Channel.

Nora Zimmett, VP of The Weather Channel told INSIDE EDITION, "We are going to be going in live coverage for about 72 hours straight. So, that means this place is going to be hopping."

A couple hundred meteorologists are working around the clock analyzing and reporting every move this monster storm makes.

A meteorologist from The Weather Channel told INSIDE EDITION, "We can look at all warnings. The minute-by-minute advisories. The storm reports that are coming in. And, of course, the live information that is coming in through the various feeds and the monitors in front of us. I mean, it is all here."

Everything is coming to a standstill. Monday’s Brooklyn Nets game has been cancelled. Monday’s New York Knicks game has been cancelled. Up to 1,500 flights into and out of the area are cancelled

And people have been panic shopping for supplies.

One man posted a video on YouTube that show how bare the shelves are at his local grocery store in New York.

Josh Lockwood is the regional CEO for the Red Cross in New York, he INSIDE EDITION citizens should prepare for the worst.

He said, “You want to keep in mind those essential supplies if you lose power.”

Millions could lose power. If you do, use flashlights, not candles.

Lockwood said, "You also want to make sure you have water on hand. You want to have a gallon per day per individual in the household. If the power goes out, keep that refrigerator door shut, it can keep your food cold for about four hours, after that, food will begin to spoil."

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