Olympian Shawn Johnson's First Day As Reporter For Inside Edition At The Super Bowl

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson takes on Super Bowl media day as INSIDE EDITION's special correspondent.

All eyes are focused on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at Super Bowl media day.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander was there where over 4,000 media outlets descend on Super Bowl media day. By far, the main attraction was Mr. Tom Brady.

Joining Megan Alexander was INSIDE EDITION special correspondent Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gold medal winner and Dancing With the Stars champion.

Shawn had this question for Brady: "Hi, I'm Shawn Johnson, former Olympic gymnast. I feel you today. With all the deflategate stuff going on, is it frustrating that they're not focusing just on the game for you?"

Brady replied,"Well, I'm focusing on the game. I think I've been able to do that the last two or three days to hone on what the important part is."

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Shawn created quite a stir of her own. She even challenged one Patriot player to a handstand contest.

The NFL's 'deflategate' investigation is now reportedly focused on a Patriots locker room attendant. And yes, it sounds just like that SNL spoof blaming the lowly ballboy.

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION got a behind-the-scenes look at the security preparations for Super Bowl 49, which, like all Super Bowls since 9/11, has been named a Level 1 security event.

Black hawk helicopters will patrol the skies over University of Phoenix stadium.

Alexander reported from a helicopter that the area is a no-fly zone and if the interceptor aircraft will see anything it will intercept it.

On the ground, truck-size X-ray machines will detect anything suspicious that may be inside trucks making deliveries before the big game.

Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol told INSIDE EDITION, "This is an X-ray of the vehicle, and all the vehicles that come into the Super Bowl bringing cargo and supplies will be scanned."

Bomb-sniffing dogs like Aggie the Labrador Retriever are patrolling the stadium.  

Thomas Maghan, ATF special agent told INSIDE EDITION, "Aggie's looking for various types of explosives and potential IED's that are here."

Security on high alert for the biggest event of the year.

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