The Real Elizabeth Gallagher Tells Her Story

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the real Elizabeth Gallagher whose seat on a trip around the world was taken by another woman with the same name.

You've heard her name but you have never met her until now.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm Elizabeth Gallagher, the real Elizabeth Gallagher!"

She and her boyfriend broke up and she left him with a nonrefundable round-the-world plane ticket in her name!

Gallagher explained to INSIDE EDITION, "Some relationships work out and some don't, and ours came to an end, and he was left with the tickets."

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But Jordan Axani didn't let the ticket go to waste. He made headlines when he reached out on social media to find another girl to take his ex's place. The only condition? She had to be named Elizabeth Gallagher.

Axani reached out, asking "Are you Elizabeth Gallagher? Want a free plane ticket around the world?"

He picked an Elizabeth Gallagher, a total stranger from Nova Scotia!

Last month they flew to Paris, to Prague, to Hong Kong, a three-week odyssey through 8 countries. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Gallagher gushed to INSIDE EDITION, "It was amazing."

So how does the original Elizabeth Gallagher feel about it?

Gallagher responded, "Honestly, I mean, I'm just really glad that they were able to have such an incredible experience."

No sour grapes from this ex. She said she's focusing on her new business,"The Unbaked Cake Company", a raw vegan bakery.

She's hoping people will come to know her as Elizabeth Gallagher, famous baker, not the Elizabeth Gallagher who missed out on a dream trip around the world.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Gallagher, "Were you jealous at all, thinking 'Oh, that could have been me?'"

Gallagher responded, "No, definitely not. It looks like they had an incredible trip and I'm really, really happy that having the same name as me enabled her to go on the trip."