Did Mel Gibson Bruise His Baby?

A just-released photo of Mel Gibson's baby shows a mark on her chin that Oksana Grigorieva claims is a result of Gibson hitting the baby while Oksana was holding her.  Gibson's lawyers say Mel did not hit Oksana or the baby.  INSIDE E

A beautiful baby is at the heart of the explosive Mel Gibson custody war, and that mark on her chin could turn Gibson's world upside-down.

Oksana Grigorieva is reportedly claiming the mark is an abrasion little Lucia suffered during an attack by an out-of-control Mel Gibson.

Grigorieva said on the audiotaped argument with Gibson:  "You were hitting a woman with a child in her hands. You, what kind of man is that? Hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hands!  Breaking her teeth, twice in the face!  What kind of man is that?"

The photo, obtained by radaronline.com was reportedly taken on the night of Gibson's alleged attack on January 6th.

Dylan Howard, Sr. Editor of radaronline.com said, "The picture is there for everyone to see.  Suffice to say, that Oksana says she did not see that abrasion before the incident with Mel."

We showed the photo to New York lawyer John Q. Kelly and Los Angeles lawyer Robin Sax.  They each had a different take.

Kelly said, "There's nothing in this picture that indicates an injury that was a result of physical violence."

Sax said, "If the placement of the injury is consistent with the account that Oksana gave, and it's the size that you would expect from the object that she was hit with, a hand or what have you, that can help show that Lucia was actually hit while Oksana was hit by Mel Gibson."

A now notorious photo revealing Oksana's broken teeth was also taken on the night of the alleged attack.  According to radaronline.com, Oskana was diagnosed with a concussion.

Howard said, "Oksana has told law enforcement that suffered from dizziness and severe headaches, and in fact, was bed-ridden for two weeks."

Grigorieve:  "I'm just saving my child's life, because you are a monster!  That's all, you're a monster!

Gibson:  "You're yelling now? Good."

Gibson's lawyers say he never struck Oksana, and that he was just trying to keep her from shaking the infant.

Mel:  "You have my child!  And she doesn't need a golddigging ___ ___ Russian ____ whore for a mother! We all know what you are!"

Grigorieva:  "You will not have this child!"

Gibson:  "Why don't you keep her?  Because they'll know what you are!"

Grigorieva:  "Mel, you're imbalanced.  There's something wrong with you.  You need medication."

Gibson:  "Oh, you shut up!"

Meanwhile, the custody battle rages on, and neither side seems to be giving an inch.

Grigorieva:  "You cannot raise this child with these symptoms."

Gibson:  "What?!"

Grigorieva:  "You're acting as a crazy man right now, and you have been for many many months.  And you hit me and you hit her, whilst she was in my hands.  Mel, you're losing your mind.  You need medication."

Gibson:  "You need a ____ kick up the ___ for being a _____ _____ golddigging whore!  And I want my child and no one will believe you.  So ___ you!"