Super Bowl Alarmgate! Who's Setting Off Fire Alarm In Patriots' Hotel?

First there was “deflategate” and now comes “alarmgate” as the fire alarm in the hotel where the Patriots are staying in keeps going off interrupting their much needed rest. But who's doing it? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

For the second time in three nights, false alarms have been set off in the middle of the night at the hotel where the New England Patriots are staying.   

The Patriots woke from a sound sleep at 4:45 a.m. on Thursday when the latest fire alarm went off at the Sheraton Wild Horse Hotel outside Phoenix. Two days earlier, another fire alarm startled them out of bed at 1:30 in the morning. Now, an investigation is underway to find out who is playing around with the Patriots.

Social media immediately lit up, with the hashtag "#AlarmGate."

“I think it's clear that a Patriots hater was behind these fire alarms,” said one tweet.

A suite at the hotel is a great place to rest before the big game.

Quarterback Tom Brady, who is already suffering from a cold, says he still managed a full night's sleep.

He said in a press conference, "I haven't heard it. So, I guess sleeping through it is a good thing."

But Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says having a fire alarm go off would be a big deal to him, saying, “That's got to be tough. I know I wouldn't want to be woken up in middle of night.”

Security is on high alert. Inside the command center they are monitoring hundreds of security cameras all around the stadium.
And the FAA has just released a video reminding fans that the Super Bowl is a "No Drone Zone.” In the video they said, “Leave your drone at home."

As tension ramps up for Sunday’s big game, INSIDE EDITION special correspondent Shawn Johnson experienced the fun side of Super Bowl preps at the Direct TV Super Fan Festival near the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Johnson said, “The rock climbing wall just opened, and I’m the first to try it out. Let's see if I can get a special view of the stadium.”

Johnson, who is the winner of Dancing with the Stars in 2009, may be a great Olympic gold
Medalist, but rock climbing is all new to her.  

She made it to the top, but was a wee bit nervous coming down, saying, “A little bit scary now.”

It was also her first experience on a zip line. She finally met her match riding the mechanical bull as she got thrown off the ride.

Watch Johnson Rock Climb, Zip Line and Ride a Mechanical Bull

Then, INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander had some fun of her own. She tested the Microsoft Surface that Super Bowl coaches will use.

They're waterproof. How do we know? None other than New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees dumped a cooler of water over Alexander who was holding the tablet.

Watch the Waterproof Test In Action!