Pilot Takes Selfie As Plane Nosedives Into Ocean

While his plane was about to crash into the Pacific Ocean, pilot Lou Morton kept his cool and even took a selfie. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the calm captain about his crisis.

Talk about staying cool and calm in a crisis. A pilot actually took a selfie video as his plane was about to land in the Pacific Ocean!

The drama began as Lou Morton was flying from San Francisco to Hawaii when, suddenly, there was a mechanical malfunction! It was all captured on Coast Guard video.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I felt like I was a kid again standing on the high dive looking down."

Luckily, he was flying a cirrus plane that was equipped with a parachute designed to bring the entire aircraft down for a soft landing.

The plane went into a nose dive, then leveled out and slowed its descent.

He said, "It is remarkable to come down and go straight into the water." 

In the midst of the crisis, he took out his cell phone to record everything and even phoned his dad, saying, "I told him 'I am most likely going to have to ditch the aircraft in the water.'"

Talk about cool, this is what Lou had to say as the plane was going down, "This is gonna be fun!"

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I am a very sarcastic person, so it was kind of a 'Oh God, this is gonna be fun.'"

The plane hit the water at twenty miles-an-hour. He had seconds to scramble out on a small raft before the  plane flipped over and sank.

He waited on his raft as a rescue boat from a nearby cruise ship picked him up. Remarkably, he got through this terrifying adventure without a scratch.

"Unharmed, pretty much walked away," he said.