Jennifer Aniston Gets Restraining Order on Stalker

Jennifer Aniston has taken out a retraining order against a suspected stalker who claims she communicates with him mentally.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

Terror for Jennifer Aniston.  The actress is allegedly being stalked by a crazed fan. 

He drove cross-country from his Pennsylvania home to LA and told his parents he was on a mission to marry Aniston. He even had a list of potential baby names for their kids.

He also etched: "I love Jennifer Aniston" using a sharp object across the entire driver's side of his car.

He was "laying in wait" for her "with a sharp object, a bag, (and) a roll of duct tape" when LA police took him into custody.

Thousands of miles away, Aniston arrived at the famed Harrod's department store in London to introduce her new fragrance.

She looked great in a skin-tight mini and was all smiles.  

But in court papers, she wrote: "I fear for my personal safety and all those around me."   A judge in LA issued a restraining order against her alleged stalker, 24-year-old Jayson Peyton.

He has a history of mental problems and he was arrested for stalking another woman in Pennsylvania.  

He told a detective, "Jen communicates to me mentally that she wants me to come and marry her."