What Happened To Our Dogs? Forty Dogs Missing In One Small Town

Forty dogs have disappeared in a Texas town leaving the owner

Who is stealing their dogs? 40 dogs have mysteriously disappeared in Decatur, Texas, outside Dallas.

Posted around town you'll find missing posters. Dogs with names like Lucy, Loki and Rowdy; all vanished without a trace.

The saddened pet owners exclaimed to INSIDE EDITION, "We want our dogs back!"

A dozen of the distraught pet owners gathered at town hall. 

Mary Anne Barnett, a victim of the dognapping, cried, "I don't have kids and I miss her everyday."

Another claimed, "It was my daughter's best friend and they took her." Even the Mayor and his wife lost their Great Dane and Pit Bull.
Jana Woodruff, dog owner, said, "They were just vanished like they went into another dimension."

The police chief said it would be just too much of a coincidence that the dogs simply ran away. He said there might be an organized ring of dognappers roaming the streets.
Rex Hoskins, police chief of Decatur told INSIDE EDITION, "They could use them for dogfighting. They use them for breeding or just plain selling them to other people."

Robin Lewis has organized a massive search for her Black Lab, Jack. She's tacking up missing posters and alerting everyone in town through Facebook.

Lewis told INSIDE EDITION, "I think they are being stolen."

No one here is more upset than 18-year-old Cassidy McKibben.

"Lily!" she cried. She has searched every day for her cherished Jack Russell Terrier, Lily.

McKibben explained to INSIDE EDITION, "She was my world and I can't live without her, and I want her back really bad. She's my best friend!"

These people all have the same message.
Lewis exclaimed, "Give me my dog back. He belongs to me!"