No Fly Zone! Drones Are Super Bowl's New Security Threat

Security precautions at the Super Bowl include a No-Fly Zone for drones. INSIDE EDITION reports on the new high tech threat. 

Drones are emerging as a new threat to Super Bowl 49.

Anti-terrorism agents are studying YouTube videos that show how easy it is to equip drones with guns and explosives.

A video showed a drone fitted with roman candles.

Scariest of all? A drone which was fitted with a sub-machine gun was controlled with an iPad. Video posted on YouTube showed it being fired by remote control at mannequins with devastating effect.

The same guy, who used a fake Russian accent, actually demonstrated what a drone equipped with a bomb could do.

He claimed in the video, "This baby is equipped with a self destruct payload with a 15-foot blast radius." He shot out the window of a car and then flew the drone inside.

Former CIA agent Mike Baker said, "The misuse of drones by terrorists is a major threat. It's a major problem."

The University Of Phoenix stadium where the Super Bowl is taking place has a retractable roof but depending on the weather it is expected to be open for the big game.

Baker continued, "We do have the ability at major events to spot, to identify incoming drones. The technology to do something about that once they're spotted is trailing behind."

Drones have already caused havoc at sporting events. Captured on video, a drone that was being used to shoot video crashed into a crowd of spectators at a sporting event in Virgina in 2013. And fans celebrating the L.A. Kings Stanley Cup win last year were so annoyed by a drone, they knocked it out of the sky.

No wonder the FAA is getting the word out that Super Bowl 49 a No Drone Zone!