Face-To-Face With Sherri Shepherd's Ex And Surrogate

The surrogate hired by Sherri Shepherd and her ex-husband spoke to each other on INSIDE EDITION about the TV personality's declaration that she did not want the baby.

Jessica Bartholomew is the surrogate hired by TV personality Sherri Shepherd to carry her baby.

Lamar Sally is the soon-to-be ex-husband of Shepherd and the father of the little boy.

Bartholomew and Sally chatted via Facetime for INSIDE EDITION.

Bartholomew asked Sally, "How's the single father life going?"

He replied, "It is going good. He's finally sleeping through the night, so that's the main thing."

"That's really good that he's a happy, calm baby since you're doing it all by yourself,” said Bartholomew.  

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When Bartholomew was six months pregnant, Shepherd shocked everyone by  declaring she no longer wanted anything to do with the child.

Bartholomew asked Sally, "Have you heard anything from Sherri at all?"

He replied, "I have not heard from her at all since this whole process began. She's not reached out one time, unfortunately."

"That's really sad for L.J. He's never going to know who his mom is. Maybe she'll have a change of heart," replied Bartholomew.

Bartholomew is a single mother from Pennsylvania who has no biological relationship to the baby, L.J. But she's been thrust into the middle of the legal battle over who will support the little boy. Why? Because Sherri Shepherd refused to be at the hospital for the baby's birth, Jessica Bartholomew’s name was put on the birth certificate as his mother.

Sally told INSIDE EDITION, “Sherri wouldn't put L.J., our son, on her insurance policy, so, I needed insurance. So, I had to go to the state for state insurance. They said we have to go after the mother for child support and even though I brought out all documents saying Jessica’s not the mother, Sherri's the mother, they can only go by what is on the birth certificate, and unfortunately, that's Jessica's name."

Shepherd doesn't have a biological attachment to the child either, they used an egg donor.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked Sally, "When you see what Jessica is going through, do you want to look at Sherri and say, ‘Shame on you, shame on you?’"

"Every day, every day. Jessica has kids, Jessica is a single mom and to put her through this," Sally replied.  

After all the drama, they're worried about the future of surrogacy in America.

Bartholomew told Sally, "I don't want this to happen again to any other woman because what happened gives surrogacy a bad name, and it's not a bad thing. We give families the gift of life. I can't wait for it to all be over."

Sherri Shepherd didn't respond to INSIDE EDITION's request for comment.