Richard Sherman's Dilemma: Play In Super Bowl Or Be At Birth Of His First Baby?

With a baby expected any day, should Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman play in the Super Bowl or be at the birth of his child? INSIDE EDITION has more.

A national debate has just erupted: should Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman skip the Super Bowl for the birth of his first child?

Al Roker said on the Today show, "If I had missed seeing Leila or Nick born, I know I would regret it."

Michael Wilbon said on ESPN, "If I had played in the Super Bowl or be in the hospital, necessarily. I am playing in the Super Bowl." 

Sherman and girlfriend Ashley Moss are expecting a baby boy, due any day now.

He told INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander there's a plan in place if the baby arrives early.

Alexander asked, "What is the game plan? Do you have your cell phone on you at all times anticipating that phone call that the baby is on the way?"

He replied, "I got a couple people on alert. We have a plan in place if things go bad but we should be fine."

Moss is actually in Phoenix for the Super Bowl and looking every bit nine months pregnant.  

She said, "We have talked about it. I told him, 'Play the game.'"

So what happens if she goes into labor during the game?

She said, “I guess we'll have a Super Bowl baby and if you see Richard heading for the locker room right after it hits zero in the fourth quarter, don't be surprised. Besides that, I’m not going to let him know. “

"Super Bowl Son Day" headlines the New York Daily News.  

Alexander asked Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about Sherman’s quandary: to play or not to play?

She asked, "What is the game plan if she goes into labor?"

He replied, "That is up to Richard."

Sherice Brown actually gave birth to twins while her husband, Tim, was playing in the 2003 Super Bowl.

She said, “He played, actually finished the game. They had a jet waiting for him and they flew him right to Oakland and he made it to the hospital just in time."

INSIDE EDITION viewers are reacting in our online poll, 70% think Sherman should be at the birth, while 30% think he should play.

Now, Super Bowl 49 is  facing another threat which is an outbreak of measles.

Health experts on the morning news shows are divided about the measles risk to fans attending the big game.

Dr. Natalie Azar said on the Today show, “It is a lot of people in closed quarters. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere a virus could spread."

Dr. Richard Besser said on Good Morning America, “The risk is very, very small.” 

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