Lindsay Lohan's First Night in Jail

INSIDE EDITION has the details of Lindsay Lohan's first night in jail, and talks to a just-released inmate who was inside the jail when Lindsay arrived.

Lindsay Lohan spent her first night in jail in tears.  Inmates say the actress's eyes were red and puffy from crying.

Lindsay had her first visitor, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly who said, "She's doing the best she could do it's a difficult situation.  She's doing the best she can.  She's coping."

Lindsay is now expected to serve only two weeks of her 90 day jail sentence because of overcrowding and time off for good behavior.  Making her tentative release date August 2nd.  But Holly says that's little consolation.

One reporter said she must be happy about the fact that she'll be out in 14 days?

"I don't think she's happy right now.  No one would be happy right now," said Holly.

Lindsay is locked up alone in her small cell alone for 23 hours a day.  She has been given cleaning supplies and is responsible for maintaing her own living conditions.  For one hour each day Lindsay is allowed out for recreation time.  She can play cards with other inmates, watch tv, shower or use the telephone to make collect calls.

Lindsay will reportedly be allowed to take several prescription medications while behind bars including the sleeping aid Ambien and Adderall, which is commonly used to treat attention deficit disorder.

We've also learned Lindsay's first hot meal behind bars.  She had turkey tetrazzini, applesauce, broccoli, coleslaw, and milk.  Today for breakfast she dined on hard boiled eggs, Wheaties cereal, and whole wheat toast.  And lunch was bologna sandwich, a bag of chips and an apple.

A just-released inmate says the jail came to a stand-still when Lindsay arrived.

"Lindsay Lohan came in, so that put a stop to everything.  So that called out lockdown.  Lockdown meaning that there's no movement whatsoever with the inmates in the jail," said the just-released inmate.

She says the actress managed to let out a smile when other prisoners began applauding and screaming her name.

"At first she looked depressed, like she wasn't too sure what to expect.  But I think once she seen that she had fans throughout the jail,  I think it kind of excited her.  Like, okay it's going to be so bad," said the just-released inmate.

Lindsay's inmate booking form lists her height as 5 foot 6 inches and her weight as 118 pounds.

And the actress has already received some special treatment.  She was strip searched in private.

"They took her upstairs rather than with all the other ladies.  We all get strip-searched together when we come in there.  Well, they didn't do that with her.  She was escorted right upstairs," said the just-released inmate.

Lindsay is coming across a familiar face in jail.  She's in the cell right next to that other Hollywood bad girl, reality TV star Alexis Neiers.  Alexis is serving a six month sentence at Lynwood Detention Center for her involvement with a break-in at actor Orlando Bloom's home.

We spoke with Alexis's lawyer, Jeffrey Rubenstein about what Lindsay Lohan can expect.

"She'll be protected.  I think she'll be safe.  It's going to be unpleasant but she's going to be perfectly safe.  It's not summer camp, it's jail," said Rubenstein.