Super Bowl 49 - What You Didn't See On TV

It was a Super Bowl for the record books in more ways than one, and INSIDE EDITION has all of the behind-the-scenes action you didn't see on TV!

Tom Brady celebrated his stunning Super Bowl win with a smooch for supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander caught up with Gisele moments later, who said, "I am just very proud of him."

Alexander asked, "What an ending to the game! Where you on pins and needles?"

Gisele declared, "Yeah, but you never stop believing!"

Riding piggyback was her five-year-old son Benjamin and also with her was her seven-year-old stepson, John, who said, "I am really happy!"  

It was a Super Bowl for the ages, especially after that incredible interception in the final seconds that clinched the win for the New England Patriots. The call of a pass play instead of handing off the ball shocked everyone.

One of the announcers said, "I am sitting here and I absolutely cannot believe that play call."

Many are calling it the worst coaching decision in Super Bowl history with the blame landing on coach Pete Carroll.

He said after the game, "I told those guys, 'That was my fault totally.' Everybody goes, 'Why don't you just run it?' That is a really good thought."

The game set a social media record with 28.4 million tweets. A map of the U.S. showing tweets lit up seconds after the interception.

Seahawks fan Kevin Hart was bummed out about the game's outcome but struck a gracious tone, saying, "I just think it was a tough loss to the Seahawks. Tom Brady is great. I love legends to be legends. He was one tonight."

INSIDE EDITION was behind-the-scenes for all the action you didn't see on TV along with our special Super Bowl correspondent, Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson.

Our cameras found a tense Idina Menzel prepping for the Star Spangled Banner. Turned out, there was no reason for her to be nervous.

She told Alexander, "It is a wow. It is a very thrilling, exhilarating feeling."

Actor Mark Wahlberg brought two of his kids to the game and was definitely psyched to see Shawn Johnson.

He said to her, "Hey, I’m a big fan!"

Johnson said, "Mark Wahlberg is a big fan of mine. I am a big fan of his. That is so cool!"

Our cameras found Drew Barrymore and Alexander spoke to Britney Spears.

Alexander asked Spears, "You performed before. What thoughts do you have for Katy Perry?"

She replied, "I wish her the best of luck. I am sure she is going to be fine. I love her, I am the hugest fan of hers. I am really excited about watching it."

Katy Perry was amazing. Riding a 30-foot robot tiger operated by puppeteers dressed in black. Her girl on fire look is drawing comparisons to Will Ferrell’s character in Blades of Glory and, of all things, Chester Cheetah from Cheetos.

And what about those crazy sharks! The shark on the left of Perry was getting jeered big-time for his out-of-sync dance moves. Social media went ballistic with laughter: "Shout-out to Left Shark for just making up his choreography on the spot," said one tweet.

Others said it looked like the sharks were making Nazi salutes when they raised their fins.

Overall it was a spectacular halftime show!

Perry celebrated by getting her finger tattooed with the roman numerals for Super Bowl 49. "I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight...," she posted to Instagram.

Lenny Kravitz performed with Perry and may have summed it up best when Alexander caught up with him. "It was fun. I can't lie, it was fun," he said.

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